Some ideas you may wish to consider

  • A standing ovation
  • Singing a pop song or a sporting anthem
  • A motorbike and sidecar hearse
  • The release of doves or balloons after the ceremony
  • A particularly loved music theme as the curtains close ( Last Of  The Summer Wine, Match Of  The Day, Star Trek )
  • Memory postcards for your guests to complete
  • Seeds for your guests to plant in memory of your family member
  • Multimedia or slideshow tributes ( at selected venues )
  • An intimate family gathering for the funeral, perhaps with a  memorial gathering later in the day, open to all
  • A memorial service at a later date, where family and friends may feel more able to contribute
  • A gathering for the scattering or interment of ashes
  • CD of much loved music for the wake / funeral tea
  • Token representing your family member to place on the coffin during the ceremony ( I’ve had gin and tonic, a football strip, cooking utensils, an espresso cup, a motorbike helmet, a flat cap, a fly fishing lure box and many more… )
  • A colourful, eco-friendly or bespoke coffin
  • A ceremony you have created, simply needing my collaboration to ensure that it unfolds as you would wish

It would be my privilege to assist with your plans for an extraordinary farewell

Give your adieu as you would wish

Something else special in mind ?  Together we can ensure that your plans are realised