~ My Preferred Funeral Directors ~

Sometimes, families ask for my celebrancy service by name when they are arranging a funeral. When a Funeral Director contacts me to ascertain my availability in such circumstances, it’s very difficult to turn down work. Often, I have collaborated with the family before. Sometimes, a friend or family member has attended a ceremony I’ve led. Always, I would wish to assist.

It’s my endeavour to give each family the time and effort that they need to ensure a fitting farewell. This is never easy. I have collaborated with many Funeral Directors since 2011 and have recently determined that the best way for me to manage my quandary is to work exclusively with fewer enterprises. I’ve settled on two Funeral Directors, both of whom I’ve worked with for some time; both independent ventures, rather than part of large consortia answerable to shareholders.

Button & Family Funeral Services
Andréa Button is a Funeral Director of rare compassion and thoughtfulness. She and her family will do their utmost to ensure that your family are comfortable and in agreement with every aspect of what lies ahead. Andréa will typically lead the cortège. She is unstuffy, self-effacing, solicitous and unswerving in her aim to take good care of as much or as little of the necessary arrangements as you would wish.

In the Medway Towns, this is the Funeral Director it’s my privilege to support.

The Tender Touch Independent Funeral Services


Willow Independent Funeral Services

Paul and Lorraine Hopper serve their community from a head office situated in Gravesend. They have additional branches at Bexley, Plumstead and Lewisham. It’s my privilege to assist with funerals at most of their branches. I can work with the Hoppers confident that the couple and their genuine, tender hearted people will be doing their very best for you. Their friendly and engaging conductor Debbie is a lady of many talents who can also craft beautiful bespoke funeral flowers. A fitting farewell without breaking the bank, this is another Funeral Director, just like Andréa and her team, who have the interests of bereaved families at the heart of all they do.

With regret I am unable to offer celebrancy services to other Funeral Directors. Should you be working with another Funeral Director and I have previously collaborated with your family, you will need to contact me directly to book me to lead the ceremony. Do counsel the Funeral Director against making a firm booking for the funeral until I have been  consulted. Thank you for your understanding.