The Ceremony

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ celebrant led ceremony.

A celebrant led funeral ceremony provides the freedom to make a range of choices about the content and style of the service. Favourite music, poetry and personal tributes by family or friends might be included. Whilst this is a secular ceremony, a favoured hymn or a cherished prayer or psalm might be accommodated within the service.

You and your family can be as ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ as you feel able to cope with, at this difficult time. Every family is different and my solitary wish is to leave my families content that they have given an appropriate and respectful farewell to their family member. In this regard, I have led standing ovations, given eulogies written by families, acted as a facilitator – introducing contributions from family and friends, through to writing the tribute from family recollections and selecting, with approval, suitable poetry and music for the ceremony.

Do take the time to walk through the venue options available with your Funeral Director. Different venues have different time frames for ceremonies. If  many people are attending or a number of those close wish to speak during the ceremony, some chapels are better able to accommodate this. Equally well there are those that best fit a smaller gathering.  A further option is a ‘double slot’. Consideration at the planning stage then avoids any possibility of the ceremony extending into another family’s chapel time.

The overriding consideration is that your family are content with the resultant service; that your loved one has received an appropriate and respectful farewell. In short, a unique ceremony created as a tribute to and a thanksgiving for, your loved one’s life. After the ceremony, I will provide your family with a copy of the service, including the tribute created with your collaboration.